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i am semi locked

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This journal is semi-locked.
I don't usually lock my entries. Unless they're really personal.
You could asked to be added if you think we rock togther. ^^
Comments are screened btw.

pastel, 1999

Gackt Inventory

Here's a list of Gackt related merchandise i already own. If it's not on the list. drop me a note and maybe we can work something out. Oh, and no bootlegs.  I'm always looking to expand my Gackt collection.  (^_ ^)v

Would love photobooks, tour goods, dvds, magazines (gackt on cover), platinum boxes, posters.  Not looking for albums and singles. I already have them. 

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pastel, 1999

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My thoughts on YFC.

GACKT has added much bulk. I prefer his former slimmer self.
His hair is covering like half of his face most of the time. Thats is so wrong.
The part where they started doing the "fuck, fuck, fuck" was werid.
i'm in love with GACKT pelvis. It's sex. 
i love love lovee Kagero. It's such a beautiful song. chacha scored on that song
I can't stand how GACKT is so freaking fair. he needs a little color. 
Chacha is so lean and slim. It looks like a woman's body.. all he needs is boobs. But considering his like 50? His in good shape. 
The whole thing is so intense and messy. all the man are like a trance. O_o
pastel, 1999


GACKT blogs about MOON SAGA!!
omg, which means new music, new pv's, new concerts!
I am so going to get my premium tickets the next time round.

*needs to start working hard for monies*
pastel, 1999

10th Anniversary Dears Edition Goods

Open to non-dears members.
I will be ordering some  goods for myself. So i thought i open this up to those who wishes to get their hands on dears goods. Let's share gackt greatness!

Please note: i use a service proxy (mukunoki) to handle my membership & purchases since i'm not in Japan.
So on top of the cost and shipping fees charge by dears store, I also have to bank fees, service fees (10% of cost of item), paypal fees and shipping to muku from JAPAN to SINGAPORE. And then goods will be shipped from Singapore to wherever at your own cost.

**Regards to shipping. Because of the different items and different relaese dates. If i can do direct shipping to you from muku, i will, Since I am only ordering the DVD tour DVD which ships later. It all depends on situtaion  and on muku himself. But if it happens. you save on the 3rd payment :D BUT NO PROMISES.


ALL DEARS VERSIONS goods are limited to 3 pieces per fanclub member.

Payment dateline: 20th Sept , Paypal Only

When ordering please comment with your name, email, address, your order and qty. Comments are screened!
If ordering QT cards. Remember to put in the code.

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pastel, 1999

4 singles within 30days

Gackt-sama is releasing 4 singles within 30days. And i've ordered them today even though my finances haven't recovered from my Japan trip.

I did try telling myself that it would be a waste of monies. And pretty soon he would be re-relasing them into a full album. Besides, im pretty sure the mp3s would show up on the great www within a few hours once its out.

But i couldn't resist. I have a confession to make. When i went to RRII. I took videos. I know i shouldnt do it! But i had too. I've traveled miles alone just for this and i wanted to have something to remember by when i leave. But there's nothing much to see anyways, as the video recorder on my iphone is really off. image stream is small, laggy and noisy and sound was bad with lots of static. Plus the fact i had to do it discreetly. Which was a damn difficult thing to do since i could not have people seeing me looking or fidgeting with my phone. The iphone isn't so conspicuous. And i have no buttons to feel on my iphone to know if i pressed the right buttons or not while hiding it from view. So lots of the videos were just more like sounds files. I even recorded his whole speech inbetween, which was an accident. I thought i switched off the video mode but i didn't. So i have about and hour worth of recording.

So i was listening and half watching these bad videos today. I remembered how much i enjoyed the concerts. And how beautiful it was all played out. I especially loved Lost Angel, Oblivious and Father's day. And i know i need these singles. Plus the fact that this was a dears only edition. I'm a sucker for limited ed.
pastel, 1999

(no subject)

I finally saw Gackt in real life. Even though i'm 14 rows away. it's such a good feeling to have dreams coming true. The concert was an amazing experience. Plus I was so surprise by the way he carried himself during the intermission. He was talking and making funny faces, body movements, and noises to makes the fans laugh. Everyone was screaming "kawaii" and "mo ikkai" even me. Damn bloody adorable. Gackt you made me so happy. And if your a gackt fan, you'll know he loves throwing bottles of volvic out to the fans during his concerts. Which he did! And i bloody touched it! it flew pass my right outstretch hand and brush past the tips of my fingers before landing 2 rows behind me with woman fighting one another off to grab it. i wanted to kick myself!
pastel, 1999

Merry christmas!

I'm really going skiing! On my 2nd weekend in Japan.
My friend, taka, has already paid for the hotel. XD
And the dates would be just when they're having the snow festival.
This is really exciting for me.Just imagine Gackt, snow and skiing jam packed into 2 weeks.
Totally rocks.
i just hope i have a natural talent for skiing just like how i have for skating. It shouldn't be too hard .. right? I think i should extend my air ticket further for another 2 days. hmmm.. i wonder if the agency would let me.

Now i need to plan for the my first weekend. I want to take a short trip to kyoto. But it freaking expensive just to get there from tokyo. I'm not sure if i can get my hands on the extra $$. Maybe i'll just go Disneyland... so much cheaper. But i wonder if the rides will be working in winter. It wouldn't be fun if the rides were closed. I love the scary rides. The higher they are the better.

Since we never have anything but sun in this country and due to my lack of girl friends. I got nothing to waer to Japan. All i have are tee shirts and tank tops. I seriously don't have a decent sweater. Shit. And it's going to be dumb for me to go buy clothes when i know i will only waer for those 2 weeks and never wear here. So I asked my mum have her help me borrow some winter clothes from her friends.. and the conversation went like:

me: mummy! could you ask your friend to loan me some winer wear?
mum: what for?
me: for my trip in feb. duh.
mum: you're seriously going?
me: ya! i already booked my plane ticket.
mum: are you mad? why would you go when it's so cold. And furthermore alone.
me: i'm not alone. taka is there.
mum: you mean you'll be staying with him?
me: err.. no. we will only be hanging out when his free after work.
mum: then why are you going?
me: because i want to. It's like an adventure. and i want to see gackt.
mum: i don't like it. you're not going.
me: comeon! just get me some winter wear please. i don't want to go buy them when i know i'm not going to waer it back here.
mum: your not going.

and then she walks away. my mum knows very well that she can't stop me from doing anything. I'm like so old. she's just likes the drama.

back to work tomorrow T_T
Merry christmas all! I'm a few hours late.